Bringing the freedom of choice to NDIS participants.

Plan Management involves the timely processing, recording, and analysing of NDIS funded transactions for individuals with a current NDIS plan. A skilled and compliant plan manager should be able to produce reports that give participants accurate information about their budget activities. Not only are these records necessary for the participant, but they are also a requirement of the NDIS.

Plan Management Explained

When it comes to managing NDIS funding, participants can choose from four options;

  • Agency Managed
  • Self Managed
  • Plan Managed, or
  • A combination of the above

When a participant is Agency managed, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages a participant’s funds on their behalf. On the surface, this appears to be the best and safest option, however, many participants soon report that this option is far too restrictive because choosing to be agency managed means participants can ONLY engage with NDIS registered providers. Participants are reporting that countless NDIS registered therapeutic and support services are booking out months in advance and with agency managed restrictions in place, participants are left vulnerable. Some participants are without support services and are having to face long waiting periods.

Self-management allows NDIS participants the flexibility and freedom to engage registered and/or non-registered providers, however, with this freedom also comes the responsibility of processing payments, managing budgets, and keeping well-documented records of all transactions. Without bookkeeping qualifications, this option is proving difficult for many participants to achieve.

Plan managed allows NDIS participants to exercise choice and control over their plan and budget. Participants who are plan managed have the same flexibility and freedom as self-managed participants to engage registered and/or non-registered providers.

When you engage with one of our plan managers, we will keep accurate records of all activity through your NDIS account and will alert you if it appears you may be at risk of going over your allocated budget. This allows you to be in control of your supports while your plan manager takes care of the rest. Your plan manager keeps all appropriate and necessary accounting records for future reporting and auditing. Plan management services are included in your plan and an allocation of funds is added to your budget, so there is no added pressure to pay any out of pocket expenses to engage the services of our plan managers.

Benefits of plan management include;

  • Stay in control and up to date with your plan and budget.
  • Freedom of choice and control over the supports you engage with (registered and non-registered providers).
  • Invoices, payments and record keeping all securely managed for you.
  • The ability to directly employ support workers (your plan manager can set up and manage superannuation, PAYG Withholding, and WorkCover payments for your employee on your behalf).